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Questions for Midsem

Question 1
How does an atomist explain the world?
What is the world view of an atomist?

Question 2
How can you explain presence of different kinds of objects, if you just start with one substance in the universe? Explain with examples.

Question 3
Explain with diagrams the motions of the celestial bodies [sun, moon, planets and stars] as seen by an observer on Earth on a daily, monthly and annual basis. Are there any periodic motions apart from these?

Question 4
What is mathematical atomism? Explain with examples from Pythagoras, and Plato.

Question 5
Explain how did the Greek astronomers measured the distance to Sun and Moon from Earth.
What were the sources of error? How can you improve on these method?

Question 6
Elaborate on the following statement with suitable examples.
Physical events have physical causes. How is this statement important to science?

Question 7
How do you demarcate science from other belief systems? List the characteristics that you think are essential for a scientific body of knowledge.

Question 8
Should History of Science be included as a part of science teaching in the schools and colleges.  What role, if any, does it play in making of science? Give reasons for the stand taken.

Question 9
What are Galen’s contributions to biology and medicine?

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