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questions for end-Sem

Please prepare yourself in a focussed way on the following questions. The end-sem exam will have questions from the list below or will have question that will depend on your preparations for the questions below.

  1. What arguments did Galileo provide to show that existence of vacuum (free space) is possible, and why proving the possibility of vacuum necessary for him?
  2. What is Galilean Relativity?  Why is this an important principle of Physics?
  3. How did Galileo discover the law of free fall?
  4. What experimental support did Lavoisier  provide to disprove the Phlogiston theory of combustion?
  5. Lavoisier gave experimental support to shatter the view that (a) air and water are basic elements, and (b) metals like mercury and Iron are elements not compounds.  Provide details on the experiments, results and their interpretation.
  6. Michael Faraday did several simple experiments, but with profound results.  Describe any three of the several experiments that he performed that lead to important conceptual changes in Physics.
  7. What are the various findings and arguments that supported the heliocentric view over the geocentric view?
  8. We discussed several conceptual changes during the history of science?  Each of these conceptual changes are argued to be better than or corrections of or advancements of the previous.  Take any of the episode from History of Science that you like and discuss the view before and view after, and explain if the change is an advancement?
  9. Each of you did a presentation in the class.  Write a brief essay on any one of the twelve presentations.  Your choice need not be the topic of your own presentation, but must be one of the twelve.   If you choose another topic other than the one that you have presented, you can skip answering one of the questions, meaning you will be awarded double score. (Please note that this is a mandatory question).
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