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Please complete the following tasks and submit them within 10 days of posting the Assignment. Please add a reference number of Assignment in your response.

Assignment 1
We discussed in the class about the need to interpret our past, and the role of interpretation in history of science. What about the role of interpretation in science? Do we interpret anything in science? If so, what do we interpret?
Assignment 2
What is Zeno's paradox?
Assignment 3
How did Thales measure the height of a pyramid? No modern trigonometry to be used in the response.
Assignment 4
According to Aristotelian logic, there are a group of logical relations between propositions that form " the square of opposition". Explain the square of oppostion.
Assignment 5
How falsifiability be considered as a criterion for demarcating science? Discuss.
Assignment 6
All activities that we do cannot be called experiments. What then makes an activity experiment?
The Students are expected to know the answers to the following questions
The following list of questions is to guide you to read history of science. Use each question and prepare and plan your readings. Ensure that you have the answers when you are quized. It is not a bad idea to listen to the lectures again while preparing your answers to the questions, while also reading from other sources accessible to you.
Assignment 7
Assignment based on Archimedes lecture: law of lever, volume of sphere.
questions for end-Sem
Please prepare yourself in a focussed way on the following questions. The end-sem exam will have questions from the list below or will have question that will depend on your preparations for the questions below.
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